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Why advertise with Satbeams?


1. Founded in 2008 Satbeams is the world's leader in the area of satellite footprints visualization! Our site has a global audience from all over the world so it is a good opportunity to market your products and services globally. 30% of our visitors are SatCom professionals.


2. Satbeams attracts 8000-10000 visits per day (Sat TV/Internet users and professionals) and we have more than 500000 members community.


3. Average visitor browses 5-7 pages resulting in total of ~70000 page views served daily. Average visit duration is 7.5 minutes.


What are the options?


  Satbeams Banners 

Advertising Network

Pool of 200x200 banners. Banners are rotated evenly across the network.

Recommended animation format - GIF.

Rich media content is allowed but the banner size should not exceed 50K.


Advertise your satellite capacity


Target visitors that are interested in your satellite capacity! Add 530x70 banner to the Satellite information page which will take user directly to your capacity request form


 Advertise your capacity

  Leaderboard  Advertise your campaigns with us!


Run your short-term advertising campaigns with us. Add 165x70 leaderboard - top visible spot on our website (next to our logo). Maximum campaign duration - 3 months.




 Please contact us to book a dedicated banner spot or plan a custom advertising campaign.

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